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Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Headaches

Before being treated by Dr. Restivo, I suffered from neck pain, back pain and headaches. My headaches were very severe. Over the counter pain relievers did not help. After suffering for almost 3½ years, I went to see Dr. Restivo. Shortly after my treatment began, I started feeling better. I feel excellent!! I finally have no pain!!! Dr. Restivo and her staff are wonderful! I’ve been getting excellent care. I would definitely recommend Dr. Restivo to others.

-- Claire M.


Feeling Better All Over, Weight Loss, Numbness in Feet, Under-active Thyroid, Emotionally Drained, the right vitamins

I had previously sought treatment for weight loss, pain in my neck, numbness in my feet with no positive results. I could not turn my neck to the left without tremendous pain and discomfort. Within only four months since being treated by Dr. Restivo, I can turn my neck further with less discomfort. Since I’ve started using the Ion Cleanse, the numbness in my feet has improved. By using the vitamins Dr. Restivo recommended, I have lost 30 lbs and many inches. I had trouble with my thyroid, in addition to all the other problems. This was corrected by taking iodine supplements. When I felt depressed, the vitamins and the Ion Cleanse treatment made it easier to handle stress and I felt better emotionally. Even my sleep has improved. I have more energy and walk faster. I feel better physically and emotionally. Dr. Restivo takes time to help you with your physical needs and checks your progress regularly. She assists me with all my physical conditions and makes recommendations. The staff is very accommodating, caring and helpful.

-- Karen W.


Severe Migraine, Headaches, Neck Pain

I had a bad car accident a number of years ago. I had to have my jaw screwed and wired and my eye orbit wired together. I had seen another chiropractor, but I still had no relief. Until I started my treatment with Dr. Restivo, I had headaches 5 or 6 days a week that put me in bed. As a result of the treatment I’ve gotten from Dr. Restivo, my headaches and neck pain are gone!!!! I’m so glad that I started treatment with Dr. Restivo. I have always been treated very well by both Dr. Restivo and her staff. I would definitely recommend Dr. Restivo to others.

-- Kim D.


Lower Back Pain, Arm Pain

After being involved in an auto accident in September 28, 2002, I began having pain in my lower back and arm, after several hours of working. As a garment presser, I stand up all day. Since I being treated by Dr. Restivo, I can finally work without pain or fatigue! I have two jobs and I can travel to my second job and not worry about working in pain! Dr. Restivo has helped me to be able to function again. Dr. Restivo’s staff is very pleasant, courteous, polite and attentive. You are made comfortable the moment you enter. Going to Dr. Restivo has made a positive change in my life!

-- Micah Thor A.


Back Pain, Restricted Movement, Stiffness

I was suffering from back pain, restricted movement and stiffness. I tried seeing another chiropractor in the past, but did not get good results. I am happy to say that since I have been treated by Dr. Restivo, I am feeling much better. It really is a relief! Dr. Restivo and her staff are very pleasant and informative. I would definitely recommend her to others.

-- Chris P.


Now I can run around the tennis court, hit the ball and spin at the gym! Pain in lower back

I had lower back pain every morning. The pain was so severe I had trouble walking. I felt like I had aged 20 years. After the first visit with Dr. Restivo I felt improvement. The treatment has allowed me to go to a gym 4 days a week and I also started to play tennis. I do not feel like an old man anymore. The staff in the office is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Restivo is very caring and knowledgeable.

-- Dean L.


Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

Before starting treatment with Dr. Restivo, I suffered with lower back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. The pain hindered me from bending or moving. The neck and shoulder pain caused headaches and tightness in mobility. My visits with two different chiropractors did not help. Since I have been admitted to Dr. Restivo’s practice I feel much better. My shoulders seem loose, I have less headaches and I can stand after gardening, without having lower back pain. Dr. Restivo and her staff are exceptional! They are kind and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr.Restivo to others.

-- Joann V.


Neck Pain, Back Pain, Moody and Stressed

I had an injury to my neck in 1980. Since then I had been moody and stressed. I had trouble walking and couldn’t lift up my children because of pain in my mid and upper back. I was not able to dress my children because leaning over would hurt my lower back. The pain in my neck would create blinding headaches and chest pains. Driving for me was very dangerous - I would get back pains or get dizzy. This would cause me to start passing out. Before being admitted by Dr. Restivo, my only relief was Motrin or some other pain medication. I also saw another chiropractor over the years, but I was still in pain. Once I started seeing Dr. Restivo, I started feeling better. Within 6 weeks, there was definite improvement! I can get up in the morning and actually walk to my children’s bedroom. I can shop or do housework without having to stop and rest, or take a lot of pain killers. I am now able to be social with people since I don’t feel like screaming or slamming something. I can deal with things like a "real person." Dr. Restivo’s staff is friendly, kind and hospitable. They make you feel at home! Dr. Restivo is very friendly and caring. She makes you feel welcome. I personally like it when Dr. Restivo sees children in the waiting room and interacts with them. I also like how Sabrina, her dog, goes into the examining room with her. I highly recommend Dr. Restivo to other people.

-- Janet S.


Fibromyalgia, Diabetes,

High Triglycerides & Cholesterol

Parkinson’s & Aches and Pains

When I first came to see Dr. Restivo I was completely out of it, feeling lousy all over, could barely walk, could not use my arms, could not see properly, vision was fuzzy, could not write properly, my handwriting was illegible, now I can write clearly. My daughter had to do practically everything for me because I laid in bed most of the day. I was told that I had Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and diabetes. I would shake all over. I was not able to hold anything because I was so weak. Now my joints no longer feel the great stiffness upon arising. At night I would wake up with terrible muscle cramps in legs and arms, my feet always felt like I had pins and needles, I no longer have those problems. I had tension under the breast bone that tightened and I no longer have that sensation. My bowl movements are no longer painful and difficult. I don’t have inward trembling I feel very calm now. I lost 6 pounds in the past three weeks. I’m back to my sewing and knitting and all of my hobbies because I no longer feel mentally sluggish. I haven’t had any spasms in the back of my head and neck that cause the headaches since four weeks after starting treatment with Dr. Restivo. I had very dark circles under my eyes, they are gone now. I’m no longer weak, I have the strength to do things I want to do. I tried Lipitor medication for 7 years to lower my triglycerides and Cholesterol which never worked, my triglycerides did not go down and I had muscle spasms in my arms and neck. When I read the side effects I took myself off the medication one year prior to seeing Dr. Restivo. When I came to see Dr. Restivo my sugar levels were ranging between 300-400 which is very high since the normal is 85-110. My liver was stressed in addition to my diabetes. After six weeks of taking the nutrients Dr. Restivo recommended, my most recent blood test show cholesterol dropped from 279 to 253 and my Triglycerides dropped from 510 to 223 which is an incredible improvement. Now my average sugar levels range between 116 and 210 Dr. Restivo is helping me work on my diet to further improve my glucose levels. My medical doctor runs an A1C hemoglobin test every three months to monitor my average sugar levels; recently it decreased from 7.6 to a 7.0 after only two months of treatment with Dr. Restivo. I’m going to stick to what Dr. Restivo recommends because she has helped me so far. I no longer feel 79, now I feel 60, even my neighbors are commenting on how I am outside playing with the children and teaching them how to sew.

-- Caryl B.


Carpal Tunnel, Swollen and Painful Hands "I Could No Longer Lift Heavy Things"

I had been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it was already changing my life. I couldn’t lift heavy things. I couldn’t work on the computer. My hands and wrists were swollen and full of pain. My doctors were recommending surgery. But then I saw an advertisement in the Penny Saver and soon received a free report with a lot of information about my condition. It directed me to Dr. Restivo. Soon everything changed. The pain started to dissipate. And within a few months there was no pain in my hands or my wrists. I was totally free of pain! The swelling was gone and I could get back to the normal life my pain was robbing from me. Dr. Restivo’s staff is very professional and very helpful. Dr. Restivo’s care and treatment is excellent. I would recommend Dr. Restivo to anyone. Originally I was treated by Dr. Restivo July 2001 through February 2003. I stopped treatment in 2003 and wish I would have continued with maintenance care. I returned for treatment in September 2005 and also referred my husband to Dr. Restivo. We are all doing great now! This time I want to continue treatment one time per week so that I continue to feel good and keep the arthritis from progressing to my spine!

-- Judith V.



For 20 years I suffered from Carpal Tunnel. I was unable to use my hands freely, as they would become numb and painful. I also had pain with my lower back. My other discomforts are thyroid, lung, adrenals and kidney. About My Massage:

November 2, 2006 the magical fingers – what more is there to say. I was amazed at how light and relaxed I felt. No more tightness across the neck and shoulders. Three days later, I had a second massage. This time a deep tissue. It was incredible! I think I felt even better after the second one than the first if that’s possible. So, I’d recommend this to anyone. The therapist is very gentle and can find just the right areas to work on. What a treat!” The results of my visits with Dr. Restivo are as follows: My hands are greatly improved, my back is much better due to the adjustments from the doctor. I was also lucky enough to have been given an up to date State -of -the Art Nutritional Test and the vitamins the doctor prescribed for me have made me feel more alert and help my well being. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They go out of their way to accommodate you. As for the doctor, she is wonderful to me. It’s amazing how she is able to remember so much about the body and how it works. Any question you ask her she either knows or will find out the answer. She really wants to help any way she can. I made a wise decision to come here and I feel so much better.

-- Judith G.


Not able to Stand up Straight, Carpal Tunnel, Insomnia, Ion Cleanse

Before being treated by Dr. Restivo, both hands and shoulders tingled, which caused me to toss & turn in bed at night and I could not sleep all night, resulting in little or no sleep. Also I had difficulty standing straight; my lower back was stiff and painful; both my abdominal area and inside legs were puffy. After doing the Ion Cleanse, I can walk much better and am not as stiff. I am not as tired during the day and can stay up later at night “I had my first massage on Monday, October 30th and I actually felt that I was able to walk out of the office in a more upright position. Before the massage I had mixed emotions about whether or not I should have that treatment. But after I met the therapist, who is gentle mild and considerate of elderly, his personality won me over. I will have this treatment regardless of whether my insurance will pay for it. I am comfortable to continue and I feel confident that he knows his job well and if very much dedicated.” I’m also getting a good night’s sleep without the tingling. Dr. Restivo tests me to see what parts of my body are strong or weak. She found out my liver was weak. Later my medical doctor took a blood test and they saw a problem. Dr. Restivo found the problem before the medical doctor. She found this problem without a blood test, I thought this was remarkable! I was referred by my daughter who also receives treatment from Dr. Restivo. I have been in treatment for about a year and am very happy with the results. The staff is nice and helpful; always smiling. Since I have seen so much progress, I want to continue so I don’t slip back, I enjoy getting adjusted one time per week. One more thing about the doctor, she is very honest. Some of my vertebrae were fused together so she wasn’t sure she could help me but would do her best. My results are wonderful! I really appreciate all she has done.

-- Emma G.


Hip Pain, Low Back Pain

I first became ill in November 1985. I had pain in my left hip – I could not lie on it. I had pain in my lower back radiating to my buttocks, which made sitting extremely difficult for prolonged periods. On getting up, I would always feel stiff, even though I did daily stretches for 20 minutes and took weekly yoga classes. If I skipped my daily back exercises, my pain would become more intense. Trigger point and nerve block injections, acupuncture, nor medication, gave me any relief. I had lost 10 months of work, due to my condition. Once I began treatment with Dr. Restivo, there was a definite improvement. Within 2 to 3 weeks, my pain was almost fully relieved! I can now sit for prolonged periods without “wiggling,” stiffness, or exacerbation of pain. I can lie on my left hip. I can also skip my daily back exercises without paying the price of increased pain! I had forgotten what it was like to be relatively pain free! Dr. Restivo is always willing to work with you and able to hear your concerns. Her office staff is pleasant and efficient. I am really glad I began treatment with Dr. Restivo!

-- Julie Schein T.


Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain, Lower and Mid Back Pain

I first became ill on May 23, 2002. I had pain in my neck, shoulder, arms, lower back and mid back. I was not able to drive due to severe neck and arm pain. The only thing that would help was taking pain medication, but it only gave me temporary relief. I lost 4 months of work due to my illness. After less than 2 short months of treatment with Dr. Restivo, my pain has been full relieved! I am able to drive; I am back to work and I’m able to take care of my house!!! Dr. Restivo has helped me to lead a normal life again. Dr. Restivo’s staff is all very pleasant. Dr. Restivo is very helpful and very knowledgeable. I’m so glad that I decided to come to Dr. Restivo for treatment. I would highly recommend her to others.

-- Karen M.


Painful Tailbone, Excruciating Pain

I first started having pain about two years before seeing Dr. Restivo. My tailbone hurt to the extent that I could not sit on it. I could not pick up the baby’s stroller to get it in the car. My parents bought me a much lighter one. I could not do anything with my children or work in my garden because of pain. I was taking muscle relaxers along with physical therapy, but nothing got rid of the problem. After 2 months of treatment with Dr. Restivo, there was a marked difference. I can now bend over to shower. I am moving now and feel like I am back to normal! The only time that I am uncomfortable is when it rains or snows. Dr. Restivo’s staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Restivo has helped me tremendously to get back to my normal self. Thank you Dr. Restivo!

-- Lauri Ann M.



My aches started in my back, arms and legs. The pains were horrific. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I couldn’t get up, walk or move, I had 74 different symptoms. I was taking medication for pain that would just make me sleepy.

My treatments before going to Dr. Restivo were not effective. My condition is a lot better after receiving treatment from Dr. Restivo. I live a pain free life and I am back to my daily activities such as exercising, swimming etc. The number of my symptoms has decreased from 74 to 10 in one year. I feel better than ever with no more pain. Dr. Restivo is very attentive; she cares for peoples well being. My appointments were always on time and there was great communication with the staff in the office. Now I am interested in preventative care to protect my health.

-- Lupe W.


Lower Back Pain

I first became ill in 1970. I had lower back pain. This made bending and lifting difficult, which are major parts of my job. Medication did not help. I only had temporary relief. I received a mailing from Dr. Restivo and decided to make an appointment with her. After only two weeks of treatment, I actually had some relief! I have more flexibility and less pain. Feeling better makes daily and job related routines easier and more pleasant. Dr. Restivo is very informative, pleasant and patient. Her staff is also very informative and pleasant. I am glad that I decided to see Dr. Restivo.

-- Michael G.


Lower Back Pain, Stiff Joints

I had been suffering with lower back pain and stiff joints for a very long time. These ailments lead to fatigue. Nothing I had done previously gave me any relief. After seeing Dr. Restivo’s ad in the Penny Saver, I decided to see if she could help me. Less than two weeks after I had been admitted, I felt some relief for the first time in years! I can work longer hours with less pain. The staffs in Dr. Restivo’s office were always thoughtful. Gina was very helpful and explained everything very well. Robin was always very pleasant. Dr. Restivo always spends plenty of time with me and is very thorough.

-- Peter W.



I had pain in my shoulder. It traveled all the way down my arm. I couldn’t sleep through the night. After my second visit, I am now able to sleep through the night. What a good feeling. Dr. Restivo has been so very nice to me. As for the staff, they are friendly, helpful and also very nice. I’m receiving treatment one time per week to maintain my pain free life. If was so bad when I first started coming in for treatment now I feel nothing. I am so glad I came to be treated by Dr. Restivo.

-- Suzanne F.



I have Fibromyalgia, a bad ankle and many painful areas on my body. I also suffer from cellulitis - swollen and enflamed legs. I had not had more than one or two days of relief. It was also discovered that I have metal poisoning. I had been going to an acupuncturist –having treatment once a week for many months. After my first visit with Dr. Restivo, I immediately improved. I used the Ion Cleanse Machine twice and the second time my ankle was remarkable better. I noticed the swelling and the redness had started to go down. Until now, I had been wearing a brace on my bad ankle. Dr. Restivo advised me to do without it, so that my ankle would get stronger. She was right! I have noticed that my shoes are now wearing evenly, both heels are flat! I feel I am on the way to being able to lead a fuller life from the treatment. I have gained more knowledge about what is going on in my body through Chiropractic care and I’ve noticed that scar tissue in my ankle seem to have diminished due to the Ion Cleanse. The office staff is very friendly and helpful- always trying to help out with anything you need. Dr. Restivo is very caring and sincerely happy when something good has happened for her patients. I am glad I have come here and feel I am on the right road to recovery.

-- Vicki S.


Lower Back Pain, Numbness in Hands

Before seeing Dr. Restivo, I had back pain and numbness in my hands. My pain has been relieved since I started treatment. My back is so much better now; I can do anything I want! Chiropractic care has given me relief from back pain! Dr. Restivo is a very good person who wants to do all she can to help you. She is very concerned about your well-being. Her staff is wonderful and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Restivo to others.

-- Anthony P. F.


Low Back Pain, Leg Pain

Before being admitted to Dr. Restivo’s practice on July 15, 2005, I had severe lower back pain. My daily life was affected by lower back and leg pain. I never took any medication, shots or had surgery. Since I have been treated by Dr. Restivo, my pain has been relieved fully. My condition has improved tremendously. I’m currently experiencing no pain in my legs and lower back. Dr. Restivo has been very professional. She has been a great help in making me feel better. My condition has enabled me to lead a more useful life. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Restivo. I enjoy getting adjusted one time per week now. My results are wonderful

All These Symptoms Are Gone Now!

-- Arpad V.


Loss of Hearing in Right Ear, Birth Injury Affected My Right Arm and Leg, Difficulty Walking, Stint Placed in My Heart

7 Loving Children

I had three surgeries in 1958, they were called Muscle Transplants. The purpose for these operations was to help make the right side of my body mobile. It was also believed that it would help get my right leg and foot flat to the ground, thus increasing my mobility. I was able to walk 7 to 8 times a day without falling, but still lacking the mobility that could improve my Quality of Life.

After the second Chiropractic adjustment the pain and swelling went away in my right arm and leg, and I was finally starting to feel mobile. It was wonderful. My hearing has been fully restored through Dr. Restivo’s adjustments and NRT Testing. I have not felt this good in years. With each visit to Dr. Restivo it gets better and better.

She has restored my strength and hope that my senior years will be Happy and Productive years with a great emphasis on Quality of Life.

Thank you Dr. Donna Restivo.

-- Brian K.


Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain, Asthma

Before starting my treatment with Dr. Restivo, I had asthma and lower back pain radiating to my hip and shoulder. The pain sometimes radiated down to my hand was mostly due to tension. Medication would only mask the symptoms, it always returned. I had no relief. After only three weeks of treatment with Dr. Restivo, the hip and back pain is almost fully gone, and I can sit for longer periods of time! My asthma is much better and I am able to decrease the use of an inhaler! I feel much better with a wider range of motion. Dr. Restivo is great! She is supportive and listens with a pleasant attitude. The staff is absolutely wonderful and pleasant.

-- Camille Anne L.


Back Pain and a burning pain bringing me to tears

I started experiencing pain in my back in January of 2002. When I came to

Dr. Restivo, a year and a half later, I could not walk half a block without back pain. I also suffered from a burning pain bringing me to tears. I had to take a taxi just to do short walking trips so I gained a lot of weight. I tried going to a chiropractor previous to Dr. Restivo, but with no results. I was hurting even more after these treatments. Under Dr. Restivo’s chiropractic care, my back pain improved immediately. I can now walk and I feel better with more energy. Since I have been doing the Ion treatments, along with the vitamins that Dr. Restivo’s prescribes, and the adjustments, I have lost a lot of inches and some weight. I also feel better in my clothes. When I lie down to rest or sleep, I am not aching and I can walk without pain now! The staff at Restivo Health and Wellness is very helpful and pleasant. Dr. Restivo is very pleasant, also. She is also informative and concerned about me.

-- Dorothy V. G.


Back Pain

I first became sick in June of 2005. I was in moderate pain at that time. Due to my Back Pain, I was unable to do any work or Leisure Activities. Under Dr. Restivo’s chiropractic care, my Back Pain improved fully right away. When I am pain free, I can do what I must and also do what I enjoy doing. I am able to resume normal activity with less pain and I feel better overall. Now, I am pain free most days. Dr. Restivo’s staff is very pleasant and helpful and Dr. Restivo always takes the time to fully answer my questions. She also makes positive suggestions about my health.

-- Gerald T. B.


Ion Cleanse Treatments, Joint Pain, Hands, Neck, Spine, Chronic Fatigue

I have been sick for over twenty years with joint pain in my hands, neck, and spine. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome. The ions cleanse treatments helped reduce my joint pain and promote my energy and well being!

-- James S.


Low Back Pain, Poor Balance, Required a Cane, Very Tired, Trouble Putting on my Socks, & Tying my Shoes

When I stood up for more than 1 hour, I had low back pain. My balance wasn’t good and I couldn’t walk without a cane for fear or falling. I was tired and didn’t have much energy to perform normal tasks, such as making dinner, food shopping, or running the vacuum. I wasn’t able to take a shower by myself. I felt unsteady on my feet. While I was in a Nursing Home for 10 months, I received an invitation in the mail from Dr. Restivo. After receiving treatments from Dr. Restivo I can do just about anything. I feel immediate results after the activator treatment. I am much more alert and steady on my feet. The vitamins Dr. Restivo prescribed for me give me more energy, now can walk around outside for an hour and feel more steady and energized. Because of Dr. Restivo, I no longer have trouble putting on my socks. I am left with a sense of well being after my visits. I can do just about anything now.

-- Catherine B.


Back Pain

I have suffered from Back Pain for 22 years that came out in front of body. I had tried previous treatment by taking Codeine, but this didn’t work. I felt awful prior to treatment with Dr. Restivo.

Since my care and treatment with Dr. Restivo, I feel great. I haven’t had the problem with back pain since receiving treatment. I am on maintenance now and I receive treatment every two weeks.

I am treated wonderfully by Dr. Restivo and the staff at Restivo Chiropractic and I would recommend Restivo Health and Wellness to others.

-- Katherine M.


Lower Back Pain

I suffered from lower back pain with occasional stiffness and achiness. I have previously seen orthopedic doctors, had physical therapy and worn orthotics. Nothing helped.

Shortly after being admitted to Dr. Restivo’s practice, I started feeling better. I had less stiffness and very infrequent back discomfort.

I received excellent treatment from both Dr. Restivo and her staff. They are efficient, caring and personal. I would highly recommend Dr. Restivo to everyone.

-- Mary R.



Hello, my name is Matt and I’m a 34 year old married man with two children. I’m also a man who has suffered severe lower back pain as a result of multiple herniated discs’ that cause, spasms, leg pain and numbness. I also experienced a sensation that I can only describe as a slow electric charge that covered my entire body once or twice a day. These “electric charge” sensations were accompanied with chest pains, palpitations, anxiety, nervousness, and anxiety. The anxiety attacks were so severe at times I had to be rushed to the emergency room. The pain and anxiety were driving me crazy. My poor health was interfering with my quality of life. I was talking less to my wife, I couldn’t play with my kids, and I had to miss weeks of work. In an effort to better my condition I took several medications such as hydrocodone, Motrin, atonolol, and Paxil. I also visited several chiropractors. I wanted spinal surgery because the pain was so bad. Luckily Dr. Restivo was able to help me and I will not have surgery. When I became Dr. Restivo’s patient, within two weeks my condition has improved by ninety percent and so has my quality of life. Now I feel ten years younger and I’m back to work. My wife says I’m talking more after work and I can play with my kids now, which is what I missed the most!

-- Matthew D.


Hip Pain

For two and a half years, I had suffered with terrible hip pain, which ached so much that it caused me to limp. I was always stiff and achy. I tried self-medicating myself with aspirin and exercise (leg lifts, etc.). I also saw an orthopedic doctor, who prescribed anti-inflammatory medications. Once my treatment was started with Dr. Restivo, I began to feel much better! My hip lets me know if I’ve missed any treatments! The treatment I received was GREAT!!! The office has a professional atmosphere, which is friendly, caring and relaxing. I would definitely recommend Dr. Restivo to others.

-- Paula M.






I suffered from constant back pain and sciatica, aches in my legs and swelling in my ankles. I tried Advil. I tried anti-inflammatory herbs. A year and a half ago I went through surgery to replace my entire left knee and was still experiencing pain in that knee.

Now I can walk comfortably. The range of motion for my neck has increased. It is easier to keep up at work and I can much better tolerate the constant activity I have with my job.

Dr. Restivo listens and treats her patients thoughtfully. Her staff is kind and helpful. They make it a pleasant experience to come to the office and it makes a big difference to me. I have been helped significantly and for that, I am thankful.

-- Rosemarie M.


High Blood Pressure


I had insomnia; an inability to fall back to sleep once awakened at night, and high blood pressure. After IonCleanse, a vitamin cleansing program and adjustment treatments; the persistent insomnia ceased and my blood pressure was lowered to a level of not being critical. In just a short time after starting treatments with Dr. Restivo, my blood pressure is nearing normal. I am younger looking; urination is normal and the insomnia is almost gone! Dr. Restivo is very attentive to individual needs and researches ways to improve each patient’s special needs. The staff is very kind and helpful.

-- Seiki O.



I had numbness, pins and needles in my left arm and my hands were always

cold. I had charley horses in my legs at night. I also had pains in my left side of my back. On November 4, 2004 I had shortness of breath and heart pain. I do have hay fever and I am sleepy during the day. I have had needles stuck in my hands by other doctors to find out what was causing my hand and arm numbness as well as my headaches. They could not tell me what was causing the problems I had. I finally was told I had Carpal Tunnel.

I started treatment with Dr. Restivo November 4, 2004 and by December 2004 I was feeling much better. By March 9, 2005 my low back had improved 90%, and the charley horses in my legs were 90% gone. I also no longer have coldness, pain or tingling in my hands.

I can now say nothing aggravates me and I am not uncomfortable because I don’t have to worry if I will be in pain. I can also hold things much better. I’m not a spring chicken so this is a great relief. My life is much more pleasant since I have been coming to Dr. Restivo’s office. The staff is so very friendly and always offering me goodies to eat and I must say they are very good. As for the doctor, she knows what she is doing and does what she is supposed to do and does the job well. I would like to continue treatment one time per week or every other week to maintain my health.

I am lucky I am feeling good again.

-- Teddy M.


Now I’m able to play softball & Pitch the Game!

Ion Cleanse!
When my alarm rings now, I can get out of bed quickly!

In October of 2005, I fractured and sprained my foot. When I came to Dr. Restivo, I was in severe pain. My joints were inflamed, my foot ached and I had sore spots when I walked. I had tried previous treatment which included physical therapy and steroids, but this treatment failed to relieve the pain in my foot. After undergoing treatment with Dr. Restivo, taking the vitamins she prescribes, and doing the ionic therapy, the pain in my foot is gone. The only joint that is still sore is the spot where I received the steroid injection. The rest of my joints are not so sore anymore and I’m able to run to first base now playing softball and am free from pain while pitching which requires a lot of foot motion. To my wonderful surprise, I am not feeling so tired in the morning and also during the day! Dr. Restivo and the staff are friendly and helpful and Dr. Restivo is truly concerned about me and my health.

-- Veronica G.


Slow Down the Aging Process

Neck Pain
Upper Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Leg Pain

Migraines 1996 2006

10 years later

Mother of Four Beautiful Children

Birthday: May 22, 1941

For about 30 years, I suffered from neck, head, upper back and shoulder pain on the right side from prolonged migraine headaches. I also had back and leg pain from spondylothesis. I was previously treated by other Chiropractors for approximately 25 years for neck pain and migraines. The pain improved but was not eliminated. I also tried acupuncture. I felt somewhat better but I was still not pain free.

I developed back and leg pain and the orthopedist said surgery was the only solution for relief from the spondylothesis. After the surgery recommendation I sought treatment with Dr. Restivo.

Shortly after I began treatment with Dr. Restivo in 1996, the pain from the Spondylothesis, which caused the low back and leg pain was completely eliminated. I was not able to put my right arm behind my back without straining. Now I can move the right and left arm equally behind my back with ease. I developed tendonitis in my right arm. I could not move my thumb and pain radiated up my arm. I had difficulty pulling up my pants. Dr. Restivo adjusted my shoulder, around my elbow and wrist and now I can move my thumb and dress myself because there is no pain.

I began using the Ion Cleanse machine in June of 2003 and I’ve had 59 Ion Cleanse treatments as of June 12, 2006. It continues to pull toxins out of my liver. The photo on the left was taken in 1996 and the photo on the right was taken June 2006. With all the treatments I received with Dr. Restivo, the Chiropractic care, the ion cleanse treatment and the vitamins, I’m feeling and looking very young. I think it slows down the aging process.

I no longer suffer from headaches and I do not have pain from the Spondylothesis. Previously I could not stand for any period of time.

I continue to get Chiropractic treatment, Ion Cleanse one time per week and take the vitamins Dr. Restivo recommends to keep my body healthy.

Dr. Restivo and her staff are caring, helpful and friendly. I am really glad that I have come to Dr. Restivo and would definitely recommend her to others. Dr. Restivo is not just a Chiropractor for adjustments, she is a full body health care practitioner.

-- Barbara M.


All These Symptoms Are Gone Now!

Hand & Arm Burning Pain

Numbness & Swelling

High Blood Pressure

Shortness of Breath


Difficulty Walking & Standing

Pain & Weakness all Over My Body

I became sick in June of 2004 with severe pain in most all parts of my body. My symptoms began with dizziness, elevated blood pressure, swollen joints, pain weakness and swelling of my right arm. I also had very painful headaches, everything was difficult, especially standing and walking, needless to say, I was unable to care for the small babies in my business. My life came to a halt. Most discouraging was when the doctors could find no medical reason for all of my symptoms. Yet my blood pressure continued to rise and fall. I was taking eight prescriptions given by my medical doctors. The drugs worked for a short time and then they didn’t. Since no one could figure out why there was no cure. The doctors explained it as a medical mystery.

I was not able to work for nine months because I was so sick. After the first Chiropractic adjustment the pain and swelling went away in my right arm, it was wonderful! The next major improvement came after my NRT (Nutritional Response Testing examination) the nutritional support and aluminum metal detox Dr. Restivo recommended. I improved my walking and overall health. To date my pain has been relieved fully and it feels like all my prayers have been answered. Thank you Dr. Donna Restivo and Carmella.

-- Judy K.



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