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anti-aging treatment mahopac new yorkAnti-Aging Treatment: Restivo Chiropractic offers the most comprehensive health evaluation in Mahopac using up to date health diagnostic testing and equipment to help you start looking and feeling years younger.


Benefits of Anti-Aging Services May Include:

  • Decreased Risk of Age Related Disease
  • Increased Energy
  • Sharper Thinking


Anti Aging Services and products offered are:

Nutrition Response Testing is a process proven to be extremely accurate in analyzing the body's neurological reflexes. The Nutritional Response Testing reflex represents specific tissue and functions, and indicates what effect the energy is having on specific parts of the body. In turn this study helps identify what the body needs.

The next step is to test specific high quality nutritional supplements, that are clinically designed, against the weak areas.  Using the designed clinical nutrition supplements allows the body to correct the cause of the problem and return to improved health. With a personalized health improvement program, when followed as precisely as possible, you are on way to storing normal function and health.


Natural supplements are not the over-the-counter varieties. Your specific nutritional deficiencies is due in large parts to the lack of quality in the foods available at the grocery stores or restaurants; past eating habits and daily routines.

These designed clinical natural nutrition supplements (Natural Supplements) are made from whole foods, not engineered chemical parts of a vitamin's structure. These highly concentrated  natural supplements, designed for your needs, preserve all the active enzymes and vital components that enable the supplement to actually work. We make them available in tablets, capsules, or in powder for to enrich you current diet.


Ion Cleanse

If you suffer from arthritis, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, or allergies you may benefit from the Ion Cleanse Footbath, one of the most popular methods of detoxification.

As aging progresses it is indicated in the gradual accumulation of toxins. We have been consuming artificial additives, breathing polluted air, and are exposed to chemicals and pesticides.

Detoxification is ridding the body of pollutants such as toxic metals, harmful household and industrial chemicals, parasitic disease organisms, dead cellular material, and ordinary bodily waste products. With Ion Cleanse Footbath, the body is aided in its natural detoxification process, restoring the body's natural pH and electromagnetic energy.

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